What type of
thinker are you?

On average, you make 70 decisions a day+. How many of those are wrong? And what’s it costing you?

Everyone has a natural thinking type that can affect the way they make decisions, evaluate information and spot risks and opportunities. What’s yours? 

Answer these 16 questions to find out and gain valuable insights on how to rapidly improve your communication and problem solving skills.

Brought to you from the minds behind CQ: Communication Quotient™: renowned neuroscientists, clinical psychologists and communication experts.

When people start having a heated discussion, I


If something doesn't feel right


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As the deadline is looming, uncovering new information is

As the deadline is looming, uncovering new information is


I ______ admit I am wrong


A  friend cancels our plans. This makes me


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When given a brief,
I will usually


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In a discussion, if my idea gets shut down

In a discussion, if my idea gets shut down


Time to meet your thinking type.

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The four Thinking Types are brought to you by the minds behind CQ: Communication Quotient™. Based on psychology, neuroscience and communication research, our test assesses your habits and tendencies - how you think, your internal monologue and how you act - to help you better understand who you are and how you communicate with the world around you.

Remember, the four Thinking Types aren’t black and white. While there is probably one type that best describes your style, you may change at different points in your life, or even throughout your day! Ultimately, critical thinking is a central part of communication and plays a vital role in fostering effective decision making . So think of these as useful frameworks that can help point you in the right direction towards achieving agile, focused and smarter interactions, powering your unique potential.

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