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Ambitiously committed
to the positive impact
of learning.

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The power of story driven learning is infinite.

Learning should make you feel.

We are a global company scaling the single most effective tool in learning: storytelling. We use innovative research and design thinking, technology and multimedia production to expand possibilities, inspire curiosity, and drive progress.

What we value

Our values determine the work we do and the impact we hope to have.

Flipping the script.

Something is still not working in education. We’re trying the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

It’s time for change. This is why we are bringing together diverse networks of skill sets to find better answers to challenges both old and new.

Equal pay is a given.

Yeah, we know, we can’t believe we need to say it either.

Other things that are a given: gender equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We actively prioritize cultural, racial, and neuro-diversity across our teams, crews, and casting. And we were one of the first 100 companies to sign the White House equal pay pledge.

There is no Planet B.

Our world is facing an existential crisis – and at BoxPlay we choose to act like it.

We are a proud sponsor of the UN’s SDGs and are committed to reducing and tracking our carbon footprint and investing in sustainable development. We have been net carbon zero since 2021.

This is a gossip-free zone.

We believe it so much that we write it into our contracts. 

For us, directness, clarity, and honesty are non-negotiable. This has led to a culture based in openness, empowerment, proactivity, and kindness. We like opinions, thoughtful arguments, and listening.

We are creatives.

At BoxPlay we believe that everyone is creative. Yes, even you.

Even though we’re building products to learn, we also learn as we build. We’re constantly finding new ways to unlock our creativity and yours. Through it all, we remain curious as we test and execute.

Start with Step 0.

We believe everything should start with asking ourselves the right questions.

Learning is a journey. And learning to ask ourselves questions teaches us the confidence to ask others. This is how we learn to think, absorb, express, and exchange knowledge.

Female Lead
Group Fellow
tolerance for
Net Carbon

What we’re proud of

BoxPlay is a BoxMedia initiative. A fast moving company shaping the future of content.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of learning experts, storytellers, filmmakers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, technologists, and more.

Join us.

Do you want to change the
world through learning?