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The Great Calculus presents

How to apply calculus in the real world

Learn how to solve complex mathematical equations whilst exploring the impact calculus has on our daily lives

Buy $39


Buy $39


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There is life in <ns-style>maths<ns-style>.

Improve your knowledge of advanced mathematics and prepare for a career in STEM.

Solve complex equations

Investigate key concepts in calculus, particularly addressing areas that learners often find most difficult.

Know the unknown

Find unknown values even when they are infinite, giving you insights into the everyday work of a rocket scientist.

Real-world application

From designing video games to monitoring endangered animal populations, understand how calculus is used in all kinds of STEM careers.


What you'll learn

3 Modules     •     27 Videos     •     2 Exams


Solve equations that feature derivates. Model real-world situations involving rates of change using calculus.


Learn to solve equations that feature integrals, and how to use them to calculate the area under a graph.

What you'll learn

What's included

3 Modules     •     27 Videos     •     2 Exams

Approx. 6 Hours of engaging content, including animated videos, definitions, and assessments.

Online & self paced course, with access to all materials available for an entire year.

This is an English language based course.

Ongoing practice questions, with a final online exam per module to assess your understanding.

What's included

Meet the experts

3 Modules     •     27 Videos     •     2 Exams

The Great Calculus was developed alongside leading industry experts, including:

Milena Marinova

Calculus Expert

Kyriakos Kantarakias

Calculus Expert

Daniel Rutigliano

Calculus Expert

Meet the experts


This is the best resource available to engage and inspire students to study Calculus.

Doreen Mayrell

Math Program Director

GT School

This is amazing! It’s easy to fall in love with math when given practical, scientific applications.

Daniel Giles


University of Southampton

Finally, something I can relate to 👏 Been looking for something like this!

Dylan Douglas-Dufresne


Bryanston School


Trusted by:

Trusted by:

Fall in love with calculus again.

Forget Newton’s apple. Our dynamic, animated videos have completely reinvented the way that students both learn and understand calculus.


A closer look at the course content



Module 1

Introduction to A Level Calculus


A brief introduction to the course and to the topics covered.

5+ Supporting Visuals

Module 2



Derivatives are extraordinary, and can be used for everything from trying to prevent elephant poaching to finding the right rate of change for your tomato catapult on a video game.

We’ll cover the difference quotient, physical applications, acceleration, optimization, related rates, mean value theorem, tangent lines, differential equations, rules of differentiation, higher order derivatives, graphing functions, differential equations, and the chain rule.

14 Videos

50+ Practice Questions

50+ Definitions

Module 3



Hoverboards and commercial rockets could be a closer reality than you might think! Peek into this fascinating world and discover how integrals are used to create incredible things.

We’ll cover approximating areas under curves, integrals as antiderivatives, applications of integrals, rules of integration, Riemann sums, volume by slicing, the average value of a function, and discontinuity.

13 Videos

35+ Practice Questions

35+ Definitions


Exam & Resources

Complete an exam at the end of each module to earn your final certificate and LinkedIn badge.

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An original BoxPlay production

Jennifer Armour
Jennifer Leong
Amelia Eve
Kevin Shen
Alex Hill
Directed by
Elisabetta Zucchi
Ludovica Musumeci
Bianca de Ritis
Lead Illustrators
Louise French
Adam Fowkes
Stefania Biagini
Lead Animators
Alessandro Cipolat
Aday Suarez
Yukari Schrickel
Idan Itzhayek
Lesson Editor
Simon Nagel
Head of Learning
Alasdair Munn
AI and Learning Strategy
Milena Marinova
Chief Neuroscientist
Dr Roy Sugarman
CQ Author/Communication Expert
Clare Munn
Product Designer
Lucy Maguire
Lesson Editor
Alex Hill
Calculus Experts
Kyriakos Kantarakias
Sam Hewitt
Dave Tennyson
Daniel Rutigliano
Tommaso Boschi