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Bring a new mindset to your organization

Our courses will provide your team with the skills most needed in today’s workplace. How do we know? Because the learning is overseen and validated by top neuroscientists and psychologists.

Close the skills gap

Equip your team with the skills and mindset they need to thrive in a new age of working.

Tailored learning

Bundles can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs.

Gaining new insights

Team engagement and progress can be tracked and reported.

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The World of Data presents

A fast track guide to becoming data-led

Gain essential data literacy skills and drive your decision making using data-led analysis.

Buy $99


Buy $99


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Data smoke, <ns-style>business fire<ns-style>.

Harness the power of data, and understand just how much being data-led can transform you and your business.

Learn from data

Identify key components of the data analytics ecosystem and understand how data connects - well, everything.

Plan with data

Effectively diagnose the pits and peaks of your workflows, and how to optimize them through data.

Thrive through data

Come away equipped with a step-by-step process of how to create and apply a data-driven business strategy.


What you'll learn

4 Modules     •     14 Videos     •     3 Exams

Make data work for you

Understand the challenges and opportunities of an effective data analytics ecosystem in businesses of all sizes.

Become data literate

Identify the purpose and value of the different types of data analytics, including their principles, benefits and challenges.

Gain competitive edge

Identify the factors involved in evaluating data analytics projects, and learn how to use data to gain competitive advantage.

What you'll learn

What's included

4 Modules     •     14 Videos     •     3 Exams

Approx. 3 Hours of engaging content; videos, illustration, infographics, and expert insights.

Online & self paced course, with access to all materials available for an entire year.

English language based course with WCAG Level AA accessibility.

3.5 CPE/CPD credits recognized by international bodies, including NASBA.

Ongoing dialogue recaps, knowledge checks, and a final online exam to assess your understanding.

What's included

Meet the experts

4 Modules     •     14 Videos     •     3 Exams

Data Analytics was developed alongside leading industry experts, including:

Amir Shadmand

Chief Data Influencer & Advisor


Max Greene

Global Director of Data Science & Analytics


Alasdair Munn

Chief Learning and Development


Meet the experts


This is vital for leaders. If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. To measure, you need data analytics.

Mark Jankovich

CEO, Chief Sustainability Officer and Founder

Delphis Eco

BoxPlay has made us think about how to use data analytics effectively to future-proof our business.

Stella Smith

Founder & CEO


This relatable course ensures you understand the mindset shift needed to apply data analytics. Thank you!

Max Greene

Global Director of Data Science & Advanced Analytics



Trusted by:

Trusted by:

Learn from data. Plan with data. Thrive through data.

Data is at the core of decision making.


A closer look at the course content



Module 1

Introduction to Data Analytics


An introduction to the course and to the industry experts behind the learning.

1 Video

5+ Supporting Visuals

Module 2

What is Data Analytics?


Learn what data analytics is and the benefits that it can bring to an organization. Identify the key components of the data analytics ecosystem including the different types of data analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.

Knowledge checks & exam

30+ Visuals & infographic

Module 3

Transform with Data Analytics


Identify the vital role that data analytics plays in digital transformation. Discover how data can be used to optimize processes to gain competitive advantage. Learn how to develop and implement a data analytics strategy for your organization.

13 Videos

Knowledge checks & exam

30+ Visuals & infographic

Module 4

Starting the Data Analytics Journey


Learn how diagnostic analytics identifies trends and patterns, helping to optimize processes and identify areas for improvement. Discover the role of Business Intelligence within data analytics, and how it can help improve almost every aspect of a business.

Knowledge checks & exam

30+ Visuals & infographic


Exam & Resources

Complete an exam at the end of each module to earn your final certificate and LinkedIn badge. Download the syllabus, a glossary, video transcripts and extended definitions.



Format - Online | Field of Study - Information Technology   |   Level & Prerequisite - Basic; None   |   CPE Credit(s) - 7

Authors - Alasdair Munn, Amir Shadmand, Max Greene | Availability - 1 year   |   Complaints - Please see our terms and conditions page   

Refund and Cancellation Policy - Please refer to our agreement terms

Important notice regarding CPE Credit

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An original BoxPlay production

Directed by
Clare Munn
Antonia Luxem
Juliet Clark
Creative Director
Elisabetta Zucchi
Product Director
Lucy Maguire
Graphic Designer
James (Aki) Naimi-Akbar
Louise French
Frederick Saunders
Liz Williams
Pauline Martinet
Data Journalist
Isabelle Marchand
Lesson Editors
Simon Nagel
Andrew Kevin Fawn
Chief of Learning/Author
Alasdair Munn
Senior Data Analytics Expert
Amir Shadmand
Data Analytics Advisors
Max Greene
John Behrens
Shruti Ahuja
Max Métral
Mark Jankovich