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Critical Thinking:
How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

This online simulation course will steer your teams away from reactive thinking, and onto the path of strategic decision-making.

So, what kind of thinker are you? Take our quiz and find out.


Engaging multimedia content, including infographics, audio, video, expert insight, bitesize theory and exercises.

1 Hour
1 CPE Credit

Accredited and transferable qualifications recognized by international bodies, including NASBA.

Centric Learning

Courses built from the ground up that deliver a relevant and relatable learning experience you won’t forget.

Critical Thinking...

it's a no brainer.

On average, your employees are making 70 decisions a day. How many are wrong? And what’s it costing your organization? +

Anyone can be a critical thinker, but it isn’t a skill that people are born with. It requires training, so that thinking becomes a process of analyzing, challenging, clarifying, synthesizing and testing to reach clear conclusions.

Critical Thinking will provide that training. It will introduce a new way of thinking across your workforce, optimizing every decision and every aspect of daily operations as a result.


Critical Thinking brings clarity to the work being undertaken and efficiency to the tasks at hand. Say goodbye to half-baked ideas and processes for good.


Let’s be frank: no one likes working for an idiot. People want to work with thinkers that push them to succeed and take them out of their comfort zones.


Don’t leave your business outcomes to the toss of a coin. With Critical Thinking, your teams are proactively seeking the best results.

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Apply Critical Thinking using the CQ: Communication Loop

Master your Critical Thinking style

Maximize your Critical Thinking

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Active Listening, Critical Thinking and Negotiation are part of our communication series, providing your teams with techniques to improve their CQ: Communication Quotient™

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Active Listening

Unlocking communications blocks, mastering crisis management and solving the riddle of optimization. It all starts with the act of actively listening.


Help your staff navigate through the five negotiator profiles, getting the best deal every time and establishing durable partnerships along the way.

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