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Data Analytics
for Executives

This online, fast track course provides essential data literacy for executive level professionals. It’s the lens you need to bring data-led decision making into focus.

Transform and optimize your organization with data analytics today.

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Engaging multimedia content, including infographics, audio, video, expert insight, bitesize theory and exercises.

3.5 Hours
3.5 CPE Credits

Accredited and transferable qualifications recognized by international bodies, including NASBA.

Centric Learning

Courses built from the ground up that deliver a relevant and relatable learning experience you won’t forget.

Data smoke... fire.

Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat revenue goals than those who are not focused on data. +

The future of work can be daunting. Don’t let time pressures and misconceptions about data hold you back. Data Analytics for Executives is the overview you need to get up to speed.

With clear insight into data analytics, you'll have the confidence to make data-led decisions and deliver positive change for your organization.


In today's fast paced world, you can't just go by your gut. Effective strategic planning and operational efficiencies rely on clear, data-led leadership. Without understanding the fundamentals of data analytics, you're still just guessing.


Know you need data analytics but not sure how to use it? Hear from world-renowned data experts on how to make decisions that will improve all aspects of your business.


Gain the insights, skills and know-how to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

A deeper look
into the course

Module 1: What is Data Analytics

Module 2: Transform your organization

Module 3: Starting the Data Analytics journey

Course Materials


Max Greene - Bacardi

This relatable course ensures you understand the shift in mindset that needs to occur to then apply data analytics. All done in a relatable and concise manner.

Thanks so much!

Stella Smith - Pirkx

BoxPlay has made us think about how to use data analytics to effectively future-proof our business.

Mark Jankovich - Delphis

This is vital for leaders. If you can’t measure you can’t manage. To measure, you need data analytics.

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Data Analytics for Executives is part of our Data Analytics series, providing your teams with the techniques to thrive in the future of work.

Data Analytics Foundations

Future-proof your enterprise with enhanced data literacy. This deep-dive prepares employees for the impact data analytics will have on their jobs.

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