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Is your communication

Active Listening:
How to be an Effective Communicator

This online simulation course is designed to unlock your teams’ communication blocks and supercharge your business.

Take our quiz and discover what type of listener you are.


Engaging multimedia content, including infographics, audio, video, expert insight, bitesize theory and exercises.

2 Hours
2 CPE Credits

Accredited and transferable qualifications recognized by international bodies, including NASBA.

Centric Learning

Courses built from the ground up that deliver a relevant and relatable learning experience you won’t forget.

Don't let your...

organization end
up on mute.

Enterprises lose millions of dollars per year because of inactive listening. +

‍This course will familiarize your teams with different “listening profiles”, how to work with them and make your organization a place of effective communication.

With Active Listening, everyone’s paying attention, absorbing the information and thinking critically, instead of waiting for their turn to speak or drifting off. No more repetition, no more misunderstandings, no more wasted time or money.

You’ll just have to bring your own coffee…


HR, Sales, Tech, Finance, Supply Chain: an organization is a place where many languages are spoken. Active Listening is the glue between your teams. It is the crucial component to foster collaboration and free your workforce from silos and bias.


Are oversights or misunderstandings damaging your business? Listening needs to be an active practice of intention, attention and empathy. Creating agile, focused and smarter interactions is the secret sauce.


Ineffective listening is a very real liability on your balance sheet. Workplace conflict costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars in paid hours per year. + How much of that do you think was yours?

A deeper look
into the course


Become an Active Listener

Listening Styles and the CQ: Communication Loop

Effective Leadership

Conflict Resolution

Course Materials


Keri Hawkins - Alto Pharma

Active Listening immediately saved me and my sales teams time, frustration and stress. I continue to use it whether at home or at work.

Thanks so much!

Shelley Greenwald - Accenture Innovation

BoxPlay’s content is as bingeable as a Netflix series. They bring humanity and entertainment into learning.

Jeff Turner - Facebook Global Learning

BoxPlay is one of the most innovative companies in the learning space.

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Active Listening, Critical Thinking and Negotiation are part of our communication series, providing your teams with techniques to improve their CQ: Communication Quotient™

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Help your staff navigate through the five negotiator profiles, getting the best deal every time and establishing durable partnerships along the way.

Critical Thinking

Recognize obsolete or inefficient thinking patterns and flip the script. Our Critical Thinking course will give your personnel the power to sharpen their decision-making.

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