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How to Improve your Negotiation Skills

Help your staff navigate through the five negotiator profiles, getting the best deal every time and establishing durable partnerships along the way.


Engaging multimedia content, including infographics, audio, video, expert insight, bitesize theory and exercises.

1 Hour
1 CPE Credits

Accredited and transferable qualifications recognized by international bodies, including NASBA.

Centric Learning

Courses built from the ground up that deliver a relevant and relatable learning experience you won’t forget.

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without having to fight for it.

Enterprises with formal negotiating processes and planning tools experience a 42.5% increase in income.

Whether a major business contract or routine deal, we are all negotiating every day. With Negotiation, witness your workforce gain the insight to enter into any scenario with confidence.

It’s a mental toolbox of advanced strategies and techniques that ensures everyone comes away a winner.


Keep your eyes on the prize at all times, right? Wrong. If you’re not looking where you’re going, you’ll trip up. That’s where most negotiators fail. Discover how to avoid this common mistake.


It's been proven that the "go hard or go home" strategy doesn't work in the long-run. Bad negotiations harm post negotiation performance, often resulting in canceled contracts and resentment.


By knowing what kind of negotiator you’re speaking with, what you both want, and how you’re going to get there, the chances of securing a positive result are in the bag.

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Become a Master Negotiator

Engage with all types of Negotiators

Expand the value and resources of the negotiation

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Active Listening, Critical Thinking and Negotiation are part of our communication series, providing your teams with techniques to improve their CQ: Communication Quotient™

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Critical Thinking

Recognize obsolete or inefficient thinking patterns and flip the script. Our Critical Thinking course will give your personnel the power to sharpen their decision-making.

Active Listening

Unlocking communications block, mastering crisis management and solving the riddle of optimization. It all starts with the act of actively listening.

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